What is myfingerprintart.com?

Myfingerprintart.com is our online store where you can order a personalized, or custom made, one of a kind wall art poster that is so unique that you will be the only one having it.

Every poster is made from one of your fingerprints (or toeprints) and a shape that you’ve chosen that either describes you or your personality the best, or shows your interest or your hobby. Every piece can be ordered in your favorite color that you like.


How can I get my own fingerprint?

After you place your order, we will ship a simple fingerprint kit to you with instructions.

It will include an ink strip, a fingerprint collection sheet and instructions and an addressed stamped envelope to return it.

Once you are done taking your fingerprint you just need to mail it back to us so we can start working on your one of a kind poster.


How can I order?

  1. Choose a design and or shape.
  2. Choose the poster size and decide if you want to order the displayed design or you want the shape in the color of your choice.
  3. Checkmark the grunge layer box if you want a grunge look for your poster.
  4. Place your order.
  5. Take your fingerprint at home with our fingerprint kit that you’ll receive from us by mail and send it back to us.
  6. Receive your one of a kind poster.



I will upload or send you my own or my family member’s fingerprint. How can I be sure it is secure?

The privacy and the security of your fingerprint is our priority.

After we’ve received your order and your fingerprint we will only use it on your art piece. First, we’ll crop it according to the shape you’ve picked then we’ll vectorize it.

After your unique art poster is designed and printed we will discard your fingerprint and not save it on file. We’ll also delete the digital copy of your artwork after you received your poster.

If you decide to order again from us later in the future, you will have to take your fingerprint again and upload it or send it to us again.

I’m still not convinced it’s secure. Any other ways I can get this cool poster?

If you still think it is not secure enough for you, and you don’t feel 100% convinced, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Use a friend’s, relative’s or colleague’s name and address for shipping. This way your name and address will not be associated with your fingerprint and identity in any way. The artwork will be shipped to that name and address.
  2. Use your middle, ring finger or your pinky. Most times, officials use index finger’s fingerprint for biometrics, yet, every finger’s fingerprint is unique. So, no matter which finger you want to use to order from us, your art will be unique.
  3. Use your toeprints instead of your fingerprints. Toeprints are not used for biometrics at all but they are unique as well so we can use them for your unique wall art.


Why do I need to take several copies of the same fingerprint?

We can’t work with fingerprints that don’t have enough contrast between the lines and the background. We can’t work with fingerprints neither that are very dark and there is no separation between the lines.

When you take several fingerprint copies of the same finger, there is usually a couple that is perfect, in where the contrast is just right.


How long does it take to receive my unique poster?

Because of the high volume of orders, we recommend to calculate with a three week turnaround after we have received your fingerprint.

The fingerprint kit is sent to you within two days of the actual order.


Can I return the product if I don’t like it?

When you order a poster from us, we custom make it for you using your own fingerprint and the shape you picked. Such custom products can not be resold or reused. Therefore, once you place your order we cannot accept any return.